In the News

From time to time the Public Good Society is in the news media. Not every media story that has ever been done on the Society is collected here. We are not including sound or video clips from radio or television, but these are some of the most recent stories that have appeared in print or on the web.

Click on the headline below to read or download the story about the Society [in Adobe PDF format], as it appeared in the local media:

-The Identification Clinic helps homeless break down barriers, CBC - September 2015

-Starr Dobson to serve as keynote at Public Good Society’s AGM, North Dartmouth Echo - February 2015

-Housing Help office opens door for those in need; Dartmouth Echo - June 2014

-Housing Help Office Grand Opening; Snapd Darthmouth - June 2014

-Father's Day fodder: Volunteering is quality time for us both , Chronicle Herald - June 14, 2013

-What does home mean to you, North Dartmouth Echo June 2013

-Imperial Oil fuels up Community Van, North Dartmouth Echo April-May 2013

-Affordable housing a growing problem in Dartmouth, HalifaxNewsNet

-Dartmouth North Community Van; Eastlink Tv, Nov 14th 2012

-CBC, Jul 11th 2012

-Community Herald, January 23rd 2012

-Chronicle Herald on Wed. January 19, 2011

-Chronicle Herald , April 12 2010

-Community Herald , April 10 2010 - Photo

-Community Herald , April 10 2010 - Article

-Pews Report, Christ Church, Dartmouth, May 2009

-Pews Report, Christ Church, Dartmouth, February 2009 , p6

-Resolution No. 5627 ; Excerpt from Hansard, November 19, 2008

-Facilitating Services for Public Good 'Fulfilling' ; The Dartmouth Weekly, October 17, 2008, p. 6

-Working for the Public Good ; North Dartmouth Echo, October 2008, p.7

-The Public Good Society of Dartmouth ; Web site of Marilyn More, MLA, December 1, 2007

-Connections That Work ; The Job Hunter's Guide, October 2007, p.1

We'll be adding new print media stories as they are published - so come back and check for new media coverage.